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2023 and Beyond: Top Five Disruptive Technologies Transforming the Energy Landscape

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The world is undergoing an energy transition. Climate urgency and rising clean energy demand are accelerating this transition, which would require new technologies that would be part of the zero-carbon energy systems. The clean energy sector has seen significant investment and innovation in recent years, leading to a proliferation of emerging technologies. However, only a few of these technologies are poised to significantly impact the energy industry.

In this webinar, FutureBridge will present five disruptive technologies driving the energy transition. We would examine each technology in detail, exploring its current techno-economic status, and near-future potential. We will also delve into the limitations of these technologies and offer insights into possible solutions to overcome them.

This webinar will enable the audience to understand the current energy technology landscape, understand selected disruptive technologies, and identify potential business opportunities to achieve carbon neutrality.

  • Identification of Disruptive technologies shaping the energy transition
  • Disruptive technology's maturity, impact, recent developments, key players, investments
  • Disruptive Technology's Challenges and possible solutions
  • Future outlook of these technologies

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