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Top 6 technology trends in Mobility 2030

About this webinar

New decade full of opportunities to overcome techno-commercial roadblocks and unleash new Connected, Automated, shared and electrified mobility

2019 saw progress in the digitalization of vehicle interface to unlock a new level of Connected services and enhanced personalization, while AI virtual assistants expanded from consumer electronics to modern vehicle interiors. However, ‘’Intelligent vehicles’’ are still in their infancy. 2019 also promised robot-taxis, Level 4-Valet parking pilots, V2X and truck platooning test beds. But carmakers were unable to overcome the techno-commercial roadblocks to introduce highly-automated driving (Level 3), with automated-mobility-on-demand restricted to geo-fenced pilots.

The 2020s will see next-generation cockpits providing new, personalized passenger experiences, including intuitive interaction with the vehicle interface and innovative new services. In addition, the evolution of key enablers such as AI and perception technology will unlock the commercialization of highly-automated driving which promises to give back time lost in commute, but also impacts road users and powers new business models in the value chain. Finally, individual mobility will enter the 3rd dimension expanding vertically in flying taxis and private drones.

AI and data will drive new UX, unlock automated mobility & reshape business models

FutureBridge’s Mobility Insider team leverages deep research, business and market know-how across 21 cutting-edge technologies in future mobility, together with advanced data analytics, to present to you the most innovative technologies disrupting the mobility landscape in the next decade.

Join our webinar to learn more about our predictions for the Top 6 Mobility Technology Trends in the 2020s, from vehicle interior to exterior, the backbone of systems and services as well as new mobility business models. 

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    Georgios Stathousis Senior Analyst, Automotive Research & Advisory @ FutureBridge

    I head up FutureBridge’s syndicated research and thought leadership in future mobility culminated in our Mobility Insider. Combining economics & finance education with research and consulting experience in the forefront of automotive technology, I advise clients on roadmaps to new mobility.


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