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On Demand Webinar | 3 Technologies Shaking up the Food & Nutrition Industry

About this webinar

The world’s food system is broken and is at a tipping point. For every one person suffering from malnutrition, there are two people overweight or obese. We eat roughly only 150 of 30,000 edible plant species. Food waste is becoming an increasing problem, and current agricultural practices are a leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

For this reason there is now an urgent need for industry players to innovate and technology is becoming a prime focal point to do just that. As consumer demand for healthy, sustainable products continues to increase, companies feel the pressure to rethink and revaluate practices across the entire value chain.

Based on our extensive coverage of the food and nutrition industry, we have pulled out 3 recent developments that are sure to disrupt the future of food;

1. Blockchain technologies shaping our future

With all eyes now on Industry 4.0, blockchain is building up to be among the most critical tools of supply chain traceability and transparency. In our development data, we observed the big players such as Nestle, Walmart, Unilever collaborate with IBM to bring transparency to its supply chain. For this piece we will analyze emerging techno-commercial developments, opportunities and limitations of the trend today.

2. Evolving opportunities of CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is creating a lot of buzz in the industry today. From a once obscure non-psychoactive chemical ingredient to now being at the forefront of novel product development overnight, CBD’s fast-paced developments are hard to keep up with. From coffee to Carl’s Jr. to (potentially) Ben & Jerry’s, CBD is rapidly going mainstream. We will look at the changing regulation landscape and the latest innovations in this controversial market development.

3. The need to be natural

As more and more consumers place increased importance on living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, discovering and utilizing natural ingredients has become a prime focus of industry players. Although this trend is not exactly a new finding for the industry when we compare it with our other 2 topics; we analyze and advise if this is an area prime for action or close to being over saturated in the market.

In this webinar;

  • We spotlight the technology advances and innovations of blockchain
  • Provide an in-depth analysis of CBD advancements and how you can utilize the same
  • We analyze the natural product market to provide clarity on whether this is an area prime for action or close to over saturation


  • You’re focus as a food manufacturer is on expanding your brand into new market opportunities
  • If you are challenged by remaining relevant to the ever-changing food, beverage and nutrition industry
  • If you want to understand what your competitors in the broader food industry ecosystem are doing to gain a competitive advantage


 Register for our webinar today to gain insight into some of the industry's most pressing questions; 

  • What’s driving the shift towards digitalization? 
  • Who are the players embracing these technologies into their brand offerings?
  • Where to look for leading technologies and disruptive innovations to stay ahead of your competition?  

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    Jaideep Raje VP, Customer Innovation & Products @ FutureBridge

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    Sarah Browner Analyst - Food & Nutrition @ FutureBridge

    I'm passionate about innovations and trends that shape the food & nutrition industry. I'm responsible for FutureBridge's Food & Nutrition Industry Insider portfolio which delivers comprehensive, global coverage of technology and business model transformations in the food and beverage ecosystem.


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