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On Demand Webinar || The Next Generation of Plant-Based Proteins

About this webinar

The use of alternative proteins offers an ideal solution to a more sustainable food production system. Today’s consumers are ready to embrace plant-based products in their diet, but will only do so if taste, texture, and nutritional composition remain uncompromised.

By 2050 the world’s population is predicted to reach 10 billion. To feed this rapidly growing population on a warming planet, innovative new companies are using technology – not animals – to build a new food system. Rethinking and reimagining the way we eat food for the better.

Beyond wheat, soy and pea…

FutureBridge’s Food & Nutrition Insider program extensively covers the alternative protein market place, providing insights into the current landscape of the plant-based protein market and looks into the future of novel protein applications. From chickpea to canola, in this session we will provide a breakdown of the leaders and laggards of protein application – both from a nutritional and a functional perspective.

Additionally we will look at the opportunities for innovation in the technology space of extruders which many companies are now relying on to create more texturized proteins. We will analyze the novel methods stepping onto the scene such as shear cell technology and 3D printing.

Join our session to gain insights into the most pressing questions in this space:

  • Why is there a need for ingredient innovation in the alternative protein sector?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges of plant-based proteins beyond soy, pea, and wheat?
  • Where to look for leading technologies and disruptive innovations in this space?
  • Who are the players embracing these ingredients into their new product development?

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    Sarah Browner Analyst - Food & Nutrition @ FutureBridge

    I'm passionate about innovations and trends that shape the food & nutrition industry. I'm responsible for FutureBridge's Food & Nutrition Industry Insider portfolio which delivers comprehensive, global coverage of technology and business model transformations in the food and beverage ecosystem.


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