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Advancements in Vehicle Architectures for Mass Electrification

About this event

Electrical and Electronics architectures are becoming more complex than ever to support electrification, autonomous driving, and connectivity roadmaps. Among them, electric skateboard chassis is a promising solution for future urban mobility. It consists of a flat battery pack and four wheels, while the "top-hat" is open to accommodate robotaxis, vans, or cars of different segments.

This webinar explores: 

  1. The impact of megatrends on the future of EE architecture, specifically for mass-market e-mobility
  2. The current state of the art and solutions to address the key technological and commercial challenges: OBC, Converter, Inverter and E-motors, Integration practices.
  3. The EE architecture approaches used by key platforms (OEMs) for mass-market passenger cars: DC, TNS, ETH

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    Georgios Stathousis Senior Analyst, Automotive Research & Advisory @ FutureBridge


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