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Augmented Reality in Factory of the Future – Roadmap and Actions

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The future factory will include fully integrated, collaborated manufacturing systems that respond in real time to changing demands or conditions, supply networks, or customer needs. The factory will use gather real-time data with the help of technology and use this data for better decision-making by humans or machines. The key technologies involved in enabling the advancement of future factories are Augmented Reality & Digital Twin, Machine Learning & AI, Autonomous Robots, 5G Connectivity, Big Data, Cloud Connectivity, Exoskeletons, Cobots, Connected Wearable Devices, IIoT, etc.

This webinar will provide an in-depth analysis of the impact of Augmented Reality in the factory of the future including its various use cases in training, maintenance, assembly, product design, remote assistance, troubleshooting, etc. Further information related to the simulation software and wearable devices is included. Insights also have the impact of Digital Twins and Metaverse and how they will impact future factories.

The webinar will provide a global perspective on the latest state of automation technology and the real success stories. I will also provide an outlook for the next 5-10 years, more importantly, it will include the holistic man-machine roadmap for different manufacturing scenarios.

  • The current state of the art in augmented reality manufacturing in factories
  • Digital Twins and their impact on Future Factory Roadmap
  • Contribution of technologies like 5G, Robotics, and AI on the adoption of AR in Future Factory

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    Tanay Choure Director - Industrial and Automotive Practice @ FutureBridge

    A Futurist. Expertise in analysis of technology evolution, convergence, and resulting threats & opportunities for Mobility and Industrial Machinery suppliers/OEMs


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