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Is innovation shrinking the timelines for automated, shared mobility?

About this webinar

This year we see the industry and consumer focused on self-driving car developments with some exciting advancements from the technology and strategy side, that take us closer to the next generation of autonomy.

On the technology side, innovation in vision systems such as lidar, radar and camera, is moving rapidly with new product launches and breakthrough science aiming at shrinking the timelines to the automated mobility future. Apart from passenger cars whose roadmap to autonomy is more advanced, mobility services and commercial vehicles are joining the path of automated driving, owning to the launch of Waymo’s robo-taxi service and multiple Tier-1s working on vision systems for trucks.

On the strategy side, Daimler and BMW’s collaboration on Automated Driving and some aggressive timelines for autonomy from Tesla, demonstrate carmakers’ commitment to overcome the techno-commercial challenges and accelerate commercialization of higher autonomy.

However, higher levels of autonomy are still not deployed in passenger cars. What’s more, consumers seem to be more confused than ever about the plans and marketing strategies of manufacturers, as indicated by a survey from AAA finding that’’ terminology of ADAS seems to prioritize marketing over clarity’’.

Join our webinar to understand the progress in technologies shaping the future of automated & connected mobility.  

  • Get access to the latest innovation in vision systems for object recognition through H1-2019
  • Map out the key technologies which should be in your radar 
  • Explore the key collaborations and partnerships in ADAS to solve the self-driving puzzle
  • Learn about the winners in 2019 with insights from our ‘’Leaderboard of Suppliers for Automated Driving’’

This webinar will be 30 minutes plus questions and answers. A great chance to ask your pressing questions to our team of experts. You can also post in your questions in advance to prakash.dogra@futurebridge.com

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    Georgios Stathousis Senior Analyst, Automotive Research & Advisory @ FutureBridge

    I head up FutureBridge’s syndicated research and thought leadership in future mobility culminated in our Mobility Insider. Combining economics & finance education with research and consulting experience in the forefront of automotive technology, I advise clients on roadmaps to new mobility.


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