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Better-For-You Reformulation Opportunities Leveraging Less-Explored Natural Sweeteners

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Long-term consumption of refined sugars and artificial sweeteners has been perceived to lead to lifestyle and chronic diseases. Global regulatory bodies are also urging consumers and manufacturers to adopt natural sweeteners citing health risks associated with consumption of refined sugars. The global natural sweeteners market is expected to reach USD 39 billion by 2025. Emerging, less-explored natural sweeteners are gaining popularity due to their ability to address sensorial challenges associated with existing veteran natural sweeteners (e.g., stevia), clean taste, less processing, nutrient content, and perceived health benefits. Food and beverage categories (e.g., beverages, snacks, confectionery) are actively using under-explored natural sweeteners in their better-for-you portfolio to create sustainable, taste-enhancing food reformulations without impacting taste senosorials.

In this webinar, FutureBridge analyst, Gargi Karmakar will unveil what opportunities lie in the less-explored natural sweeteners domain for the food and nutrition industry highlighting the challenges of existing natural sweeteners they help in addressing. Gargi would highlight some emerging natural sources of sugars that aid in healthy reformulations citing leading food and beverage brands that are already utilizing them to create sugar-reduced better-for-you products with enhanced nutritional value. We would also look at the categories that are already playing around with these natural sweeteners. Join us to learn about the new and emerging sources in the natural sweeteners segment.

Join us to know why natural sweeteners are here to stay:

  • How do consumers perceive natural sweeteners and what do the regulatory policies indicate?
  • What are the next new names on the horizon for natural sweeteners?
  • Which food and beverage categories from start-ups and established players are actively using emerging natural sweeteners?
  • Which categories offer white space opportunities for innovation utilizing emerging natural sweeteners?
  • What are the challenges that these emerging natural sweeteners help in addressing?
  • Identifying the research and innovation space along with upcoming technologies utilizing new naturally occurring sugars.

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    Gargi Karmakar Analyst @ FutureBridge

    Consumer research expert with a biotech background, dedicated to exploring climate change's influence on consumer lifestyles and discovering sustainable solutions.


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