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Betting on Disruptive Synthetic Biology Revolution

About this event

"Necessity is the mother of all inventions" - And, the need for a truly sustainable and greener world is indeed unlocking many avenues of disruptive innovation. Synthetic biology is surely one of the major ones to claim its stake in the green future we envision.

Once a much-hyped technology, synthetic biology is now gaining pace and deemed to cause disruption across industries. Rapid progress in assembling novel microbial genomes and computational power has presented an exciting opportunity to its stakeholders to ditch the fossil routes to produce chemicals and materials. Investors see an enormous opportunity that totals ~US $3 T market in agro, food, consumer products, chemicals, materials, and energy alone. With that, we can clearly see a surge in patent filing activities and investments in biotechnology platform-based startups.

If you are betting on synbio's potential or not or about to, then together let's explore the veracity of synbio's disruptive potential and what it could mean for the future.

Joining our webinar provides you with key insights and take-aways on the following:

  • What truly makes synbio a hot sector?
  • What is the scale of its disruptive potential and power by value?
  • The regulatory framework shaping up the technology adoption to eliminate risks to human & environmental health?
  • What next for you if you have placed your bets or not or are about to?
  • FutureBridge's vision and take on industry transformation

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    Vidhika Awalla Consultant @ FutureBridge

    I am a Consultant serving specialty chemicals and advanced materials sector. I mainly work in the area of innovation roadmap development and circular economy. Beyond FutureBridge, i work on my pilot stage creative endeavor – 'Hopemr.blackhole', pursue penny boarding and painting.


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