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CCU : Turning CO2 from a Liability into an Asset

About this event

Several approaches to limiting CO2 emissions have been investigated and implemented over the years. One strategy is to use renewable energy, such as solar or wind power. However, fossil fuels will continue to be the mainstay of energy production in the coming decades. Carbon Capture Utilization is a potential technology that allows for the consumption of fossil fuels while reducing emissions.

In a future scenario where CCU reaches industrial maturity and meaningful market penetration, securing access to the required large amounts of CO2 could become the primary impediment to further development. This webinar will focus on turning CO2 from a liability into an asset by increasing the use of carbon-free fuels and feedstock to aid decarbonization efforts. FutureBridge will provide insights into the effective use of captured CO2.

CO2 utilization in manufacturing processes refers to technologies and procedures that use CO2 as a feedstock rather than emitting it into the atmosphere. Captured CO2 can be productively used in enhanced oil recovery and manufacturing fuels, building and construction materials, and other products, or stored underground in geologic formations. Using CO2 as a feedstock may help the world to achieve circular economy and climate mitigation goals. FutureBridge decodes the best utilization of captured CO2 and how it will pan out in the future.

We will cover

  • the global potential of captured CO2 from various industries'
  • potential applications of the captured CO2? What are the different pathways to utilize this captured CO2
  • the overall market size of each end-application associated with the potential use of CO2 as fuels and feedstock that will aid in decarbonization
  • how can investments and government support help with the utilization of captured CO2?
  • what is the way forward? What is FutureBridge’s take on how captured CO2 can become an asset to the industrial sector for the various applications discussed?

Hosted by

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    Prelene Naidoo Principal Analyst - Energy Industry Insider Platform @ FutureBridge

    I have a Master’s Degree in Techno-Economic Assessments and a background in R&D, business models and process modelling. As a Principal Analyst at FutureBridge, I monitor techno-commercial developments and uncover opportunities in Biofuels, Storage Solutions, Waste-to-Energy, and CCUS.


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