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D2C Juggernaut: Transforming Value Chains and the Road Ahead

About this event

Over the past few years, most global economies have developed the essential building blocks and enablers for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) offerings. Examples include mobile & web apps, e-commerce platforms, digital payments, warehouse and logistics automation, end-to-end traceability, mass-customization during production, and optimized delivery networks. Going direct to consumers offers numerous benefits for brands and original manufacturers. These benefits include independence from the intermediate value chain, direct engagement with consumers, and the potential to improve margins. As a result, many businesses are either transitioning to or have fully embraced D2C retail operations.

This webinar will outline the product archetypes and characteristics best suited for D2C models. We will also discuss the strategies to consider, provide recent case examples, and highlight common challenges and pitfalls on the road to D2C.

The potential advantages of taking your offerings directly to consumers are significant, encompassing improved margins, enhanced market access & control, and increased brand value. Participants will be introduced to various scenarios and conditions where D2C approaches can be effectively implemented. This webinar will also guide participants in assessing the applicability of D2C strategies and in developing roadmaps for their D2C journey. Furthermore, we will address threat assessment and contingencies for industries where D2C might have a disruptive impact.

The webinar will cover:

  • D2C overview.
  • Scenarios and conditions for D2C applicability.
  • D2C Stack: Enabling ecosystem, infrastructure, and technologies.
  • Case examples: Benefits, challenges, best practices, and pitfalls.
  • Building a roadmap for D2C.

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