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Evaluating Landscape of Incontinence Management Solutions

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Incontinence is a common condition that affects a wider section of the population wherein WHO has also reported approx. 400 million people globally are affected by urinary incontinence alone. Over the years, lots of research, technological advancements and changes in healthcare practices are being adopted to address incontinence-related conditions and complications. The current landscape of solutions includes use of absorbent products, catheters, pelvic muscle exercises, electrical stimulations, and others to manage incontinence. Cell and gene therapy (CGT) is also making tremendous progress to manage incontinence and several clinical studies are being conducted to assess the ability of stem cells as treatment modalities for managing incontinence. Further, the adoption of digitalization in existing solution portfolios with the use of mobile apps, telemedicine, remote monitoring, nutritional management, etc. can also strengthen the treatment protocol.

With all the technical advancements going on, there are still some areas that need attention like changing regulatory landscape, cost management, better patient experience, etc. that are hindering the clinical translation of these solutions. Prominent regulatory and governing bodies FDA, ASGCT, WHO, EDA, and others are working towards streamlining the problems specifically in the cell & gene therapy field, expected growth, new initiatives, and attempts to bridge gaps between regulatory and research. Pricing and reimbursement-related issues also need to be taken into consideration while streamlining the affordability and accessibility of such solutions and therapies at patient's disposal.

Inspite of aforementioned challenges, the future of incontinence management is incredibly promising. Leading players and researchers are working towards building combinational products or solutions, including digital components. The increased number of clinical trials to explore the potential of various therapies is also pointing towards novel approaches for incontinence management. Going forward, it shall be interesting to see if the upcoming solutions can alter the dynamics in incontinence management and treatment approaches could be far more targeted and personalized. Our webinar will focus on these aspects of incontinence management:

  • Incontinence management & current solutions to address the incontinence
  • Innovations & changing landscape of incontinence management
  • Impact of digital technologies on incontinence management
  • Challenges to be addressed for better management of incontinence
  • What's next in incontinence management?

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    Nadeem Ansari

    Healthcare tech enthusiast driving innovation in digital health, wearables, and personalized nutrition for the future.

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    Akshi Malik

    A Medtech strategist with a keen interest in novel therapy areas, digitalization, and medical nutrition segments


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