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Future of Forest Products: Valorization Potential of Resources

About this event

The forest products industry is at the crossroads of a transition since the last disruption happened years back with the advent of digital printing. On one hand, the industry faces internal challenges of competition intensity and slow technological advancements. At the other end of the spectrum lies opportunities for diversification driven by strong needs for sustainable solutions across end-user markets.

With that as the backdrop, the forest products industry is seriously looking to accelerate innovation, venture into new application areas and adopt new business models to redefine its value proposition.

Joining our webinar provides you with key insights and take-aways on the following:

  • The current state of affairs of the forest products industry¬†
  • How are the various product and application segments emerging in the space?¬†
  • The key headwinds and tailwinds shaping up the journey of forest products
  • Interesting use cases in the industry and how are various players defining their future roadmaps?¬†
  • FutureBridge take and prognosis

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    Pushan Pal Associate Director @ FutureBridge

    I am an advisory professional with focus on chemicals and natural resources sector. I work in areas of innovation roadmap development, strategy refresh programs, go-to-market and excellence programs among others. Outside work I have a keen interest in music, sports and cooking.


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