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Personalized Nutrition - Future of Long-Term Health Solutions

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Increasing demand for healthy lifestyles, conscious food choices, and preventive health measures coupled with customization in the food and medicine sectors are leading to the overall growth of personalized nutrition. With the rise in health-conscious consumers, customized products that are specifically tailored to the DNA profile or blood type of consumers are in demand. Further, the use of exponential technologies & digitalization has impacted the personalized nutrition segment to a greater extent with the advent of smart wearables, monitoring apps, tracking & recommending nutritional products, etc. As a result, players are exploring all possible solutions that can cater to the nutrition as well as taste demands of the consumer.

FutureBridge's experts in food, nutrition, and healthcare will look into the latest trends in the personalized nutrition space that are driving the market from various perspectives of technologies & nutritional ingredients. The team will discuss how the industry is utilizing food ingredients as medicine to help consumers fight diseases and get overall better nutrition. The upcoming technologies, startup involvements, regulatory guidelines & initiatives, innovative formats, and key emerging players that are changing the overall landscape of the personalized nutrition market will be explored. Some broader questions that will be addressed are:

  • What are some recent innovative technological trends in the personalized nutrition market? How are AI/ML and other exponential technologies changing the landscape of personalized nutrition?
  • What is the consumer and current market perception of personalized nutrition towards innovative solutions in the personalized nutrition segment?
  • How can regulatory guidelines impact innovations in personalized nutrition & what key areas need to be addressed to streamline the regulatory approvals in personalized nutrition globally?
  • What are the different strategies adopted by players to remain competitive in the domain and how are start-ups disrupting the overall ecosystem to address the unmet needs & gaps in this segment?
  • What is the way forward? What is FutureBridge’s take on the future of personalized nutrition from a technologies & nutritional requirement standpoint and what would be the key areas to watch?

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  • Team member
    Rachit Singla Associate Director @ FutureBridge

    I'm passionate about technology innovation and how it will shape the Future of the Life Sciences industry. I work with the client stakeholders from R&D, Innovation, Strategy, and BD&L to provide deep techno-commercial insights.

  • Team member
    Akshi Malik Senior Consultant @ FutureBridge

    Strategic thinker and skilled professional in field of research and advisory. More than a decade of experience in the field of market and product intelligence, competitor intelligence, business and corporate strategy.

  • Team member
    Prabhleen Kaur Principal Consultant @ FutureBridge

    Prabhleen is a skillful consultant specializing in patent research and consulting in FMCG industry. She is experienced in supporting ideation, innovation and opportunity assessment for packaging, reduction & reformulation, sustainable developments and advanced materials.


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