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Precision Fermentation – Profiting the Sustainable Way

About this event

Global Food Manufacturers find Precision Fermentation as a more sustainable, eco-friendly, lower carbon footprint, and economical method for the production of various streams such as dairy alternatives, alternate proteins, functional food ingredients, sugar reduction, etc. Players are trying to include, with the help of science and various technologies, new innovations in manufacturing practices. This will help in both the circularity initiatives and innovative products.

FutureBridge's Senior Consultant Prabhleen Kaur will look into the latest trends in the Precision Fermentation space, in order to understand how different segments are developing, including alternate proteins, dairy alternatives, functional food ingredients, etc. Prabhleen will identify the disruptive, current R&D technologies, and highlight key players, and the partnerships that will make an impact.

This webinar will leave you with some ideas of the ‘big bets’ to watch across the Precision Fermentation space, including deep dive into the overall market scenario.

  • Recent activity levels in Precision Fermentation Space - R&D investments, collaborations, M&A, Industry Applications, etc.
  • End-products spotted in each segment that represents a point of difference
  • Innovations, and sustainability-based food production framework
  • Geographic-specific regulatory and compliance landscape
  • Insights and recommendations on opportunity areas from FutureBridge

Send in your questions in advance to be responded to during the webinar at prakash.dogra@futurebridge.com

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    Prabhleen Kaur Principal Consultant @ FutureBridge

    Prabhleen is a skillful consultant specializing in patent research and consulting in FMCG industry. She is experienced in supporting ideation, innovation and opportunity assessment for packaging, reduction & reformulation, sustainable developments and advanced materials.


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