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Reinventing Nutrition through Sustainable Ingredient Sourcing

About this event

Sustainability is becoming a vital ingredient in the business strategy of most corporates today. With decreasing popularity of locally sourced or grown foods and increasing food chain fragility, the concept of sustainable sourcing of food ingredients is holding meaning for many. More consumers are seeking out companies that prioritize efforts focused on feeding the growing human population while preserving the planet at the same time.

FutureBridge Consultants Rima Mittra and Sukanya Nag will look into the latest trends in the sustainable ingredients and products segment, advantages and unmet consumer needs, the newest player activities, early-stage/under-research solutions, and breakthrough technologies, and highlight the futuristic roadmap for a sustainable portfolio generation.

The term ‘Sustainable’ in the context of ingredients is about ensuring that there are no external costs associated with procuring, processing, and assimilating the ingredient and that it does not negatively impact ecological or human health and wellbeing.

Evolving demographic and individual choices to ensure ethical consumption determines and influences product adoption by consumers. Overall the sustainability principle of a company has the potential to make or break its potential sales and has become a key determiner in its global stand. Join our webinar to learn more about:

  • The need for sustainable nutrition in food systems
  • Advantages and limitations associated with sustainable ingredient substitutes
  • Nutrition transition trends-cost implications, environmental impact, health benefits of emerging solutions
  • The industry disruptors- start-ups and big players with innovations and developments in the domain
  • Potential roadmap for incorporating sustainable sourcing in food systems

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  • Team member
    Rima Mittra Principal Consultant @ FutureBridge

    I'm passionate about innovations and technologies emerging in the food & nutrition industry. I'm responsible for managing engagements that focus on overcoming challenges that deliver comprehensive research and technology transformations in the food and beverage ecosystem.

  • Team member
    Sukanya Nag Consultant @ FutureBridge

    Sukanya is passionate about innovations and disruptive technologies emerging in the food and beverage industry. She is actively involved in addressing unique client needs related to climate smart ingredient formulations, early-stage innovations and technology challenges.


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