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Smart Spaces – Enabling New Business Models and Opportunities!

About this event

As the world rapidly undergoes digital transformation, smart spaces are emerging as potent catalysts, redefining business models across various industries. A "Smart Space" refers to a public area equipped with sensors and connected to a network.

In this webinar, we will delve into key business model templates, accompanied by relevant case studies, to explore the potential for diverse businesses.

Discover the future of smart spaces and the vast opportunities they offer for consumer products and services. We'll explore strategies to enhance the value proposition of various products and services, emphasizing aspects like convenience, personalization, customization, gamification, and more. Gain a fresh perspective on how urban spaces, products, and services are expected to evolve by the 2030 timeframe.

This webinar is essential for innovation managers, marketing professionals, and anyone interested in understanding the future business model templates stemming from smart spaces. By attending, you will:

  • Acquire a comprehensive grasp of the smart spaces concept, its evolution, and the innovative business models set to emerge in the future.
  • Explore novel approaches for various products and services to streamline processes, tap into previously unexplored revenue streams, and pave the way for tomorrow's business models.
  • Identify the key trends and future prospects of smart spaces, equipping you to envision and strategize for your industry's future landscape.
  • Gain insights into the data sources available in smart spaces, including urban mobility and consumer gadgets, and understand how they enable businesses to innovate and optimize.
  • Learn from real-world examples of successful business models facilitated by the data-rich environment of smart cities/spaces.
  • Equip yourself with strategic insights and actionable data-driven methodologies, ensuring your organization remains at the forefront of the smart space evolution.

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    Ketan Gawali Sr. Consultant @ FutureBridge

    A market researcher focused on innovation mapping, electric vehicles, AI, digitization, future factories, and sustainability.

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    Tanay Choure Director - Industrial and Automotive Practice @ FutureBridge

    Guiding industrial equipment and automotive companies through evolving technology and business landscape


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