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Smart Cabin 2.0: Car-HMI goes Smart, Flexible & Multi-modal for Immersive UX

About this webinar

In-vehicle cabins are critical domains for technology innovation, driven by the need for product differentiation, such as Byton’s M-Byte HMI, enhanced safety and greater interaction with occupants to leverage increased connectivity, autonomy and shared mobility.

Building on our webinar “Cockpit of the Future”, this time

1.   Smart Surfaces

Smart surfaces integrated with touch interface will add a new parameter of control of modern HMI. Start-ups Hap2U and Ultrasense are working on flexible sensors and breakthrough technologies for the development of smart surfaces in vehicles.

Learn about the different techniques available to detect touch on surfaces and how they compare with excerpts from our proprietary technology benchmarking. Assess key leaders in innovation for intelligent surfaces from our Startup Tracker.

2.   Holographic in-vehicle displays

Holographic in-vehicle displays are expanding to HUDs and central stack displays to provide an enhanced interaction between the driver and vehicle. One recent example comes from Jaguar Land Rover developing 3D HUD. Understand emerging trends in holographic display technology and identify innovative players with insights from our patent analysis.

3.   Multi-modal input for immersive UX

Multi-modal HMI, leveraging voice, haptics and gestures, will allow safer, intuitive passenger interaction & greater personalization. Apple’s latest patent demonstrates such a use case, enabling owners to give voice, gesture or touch commands to a self-driving car to get to a destination or park it. Get a grasp on the progress of innovation in different applications of haptics to reduce driver distraction and improve user experience.

4.   Gesture control to be used for touch-less interfaces

Learn about companies behind different solutions to the technological challenges of gesture control and our take on their USPs.

5.   Voice interface for humanized assistants

Finally, voice assistant platforms are being commercialized to provide humanized services. We explore the integration of voice assistant platforms into vehicles with spotlights on Nuance’s offerings.

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