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On Demand Webinar | Sweet Solutions: Emerging Technologies in Sugar Reduction

About this webinar

It’s indisputable: Food and beverage players now view the need for sugar reduction solutions as a top priority.

This is mainly due to the negative impact these ingredients are having on the health of our global population: obesity and diabetes are skyrocketing not only in the Western world but also in underdeveloped countries. Additionally, sugar tax is being imposed by more and more countries across the world which is putting increased pressure on food and beverage manufacturers to seek out innovative solutions.​​​​​​​

From sugar innovation to flavour enhancers, we will identify which sugar reduction technologies are best positioned to replace or reduce sucrose taking into consideration the multiple challenges faced by reformulation such as taste, sweetness intensity and duration, loss of functionality (e.g., texture), and consumer concerns about the safety of alternative sweeteners.​​​​​​​

Based on our extensive coverage of the sugar reduction trend we will shed light on some of the more interesting and compelling breakthrough science that is coming under our radar as well as patent highlights from disruptive players that could provide new opportunities for your products. Additionally, we will put a spotlight on the emerging innovation segments of sugar reduction such as DouxMatok and Sweet Sense restructured sugar solutions to the sweet protein technologies being offered by Cweet and Talin.

In this webinar, we 

> spotlight the technology advances and innovations of sugar reduction

> analyze innovations from research institutes and patents

> look at the growing interest in the sugar reduction market from startups to established players

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    Sarah Browner Analyst - Food & Nutrition @ FutureBridge

    I'm passionate about innovations and trends that shape the food & nutrition industry. I'm responsible for FutureBridge's Food & Nutrition Industry Insider portfolio which delivers comprehensive, global coverage of technology and business model transformations in the food and beverage ecosystem.


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