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Waste Valorization for High-Value Food Ingredients

About this event

Food loss and waste cause about $940 billion yearly in economic losses. The demand for sustainable natural ingredients has led giant food manufacturers, such as Nestlé, Tyson Foods, Unilever, Kraft Heinz, and start-ups to explore components from food waste.

In this webinar, FutureBridge’s Analyst Sayali Khadye will reveal how waste valorization can help food and beverage brands to create high-value ingredients from side streams such as feedstocks or food processing waste. Sayali would also uncover the benefits of waste valorization toward circular economy and sustainability. 

Join us to know why waste valorization is likely to be a popular choice in food manufacturing. Also learn - 

  • What is the consumer perception surrounding waste upcycling?
  • How is the waste upcycling segment developing regarding launches, investments, collaborations, etc?
  • What end-products have been spotted that represent a point of difference?
  • Identify the startups that are forecasted to disrupt the food industry.
  • What is the way forward? What is FutureBridge’s take on waste valorization and what are the key areas to watch?

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    Sayali Khadye Analyst @ FutureBridge

    I have a keen interest in F&N, microbiology and pharmaceutical industry. My expertise includes: -Scouting innovative and sustainable technologies, ingredients in the food and nutrition segment -Scouting companies for M&A activity and partnership


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