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FYTEXIA & B Natural invites you to their event

Expert talk - Introducing clinically proven Propolis M.E.D®

About this event

Fytexia is glad to introduce Propolis M.E.D.®, a patented propolis extract developed and commercialized by B Natural, European leader for the extraction and refinement of brown propolis.

B Natural’s strong know-how in propolis combined with Fytexia’s expertise in the science of polyphenols turns Propolis, a traditional product, into a cutting-edge solution for the healthcare industry. Propolis M.E.D.® answers the most stringent standards in terms of characterization and clinical proof of efficacy.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • The challenge of propolis & the large scope of opportunities
  • The M.E.D® patented process of extraction of propolis developed by B Natural, providing a deeply characterized propolis extract
  • Clinical data on the prevention of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI) induced by daily consumption of Propolis M.E.D.®

Be part of the event to learn more and interact with the experts in propolis.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Sophie Loisel Business development director @ FYTEXIA

    A dietitian with an MSc degree in food sciences, Sophie Loisel joined Fytexia in 2011 after starting her career promoting natural ingredients in the US market. Sophie has a strong professional experience in business development, communication, and innovation.

  • Team member
    Alberto Cozzi General Sales Manager @ BNatural

    PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology and Master in Business Administration, Dr. Alberto Cozzi has a strong knowledge of sales strategies, formulation and nutraceutical products. With more than 10 years working with main global nutraceutical players, Alberto is managing global sales of BNatural

  • Team member
    Vincenzo Zaccaria R&D and Technical Manager @ B Natural

    Dr. Vincenzo Zaccaria has a PhD in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and two propolis-related master degrees. He is the R&D and Technical Manager of B Natural, author of scientific papers and communications on propolis and Professor in academic courses

FYTEXIA & B Natural

Life sciences, polyphenols & scientific support.

B Natural is the leader in Europe for the extraction and refinement of brown propolis.

Fytexia is a supplier of scientifically-studied innovative ingredients. Our clinically proven solutions provide health benefits to support the development of food supplements, worldwide.