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The importance of polyphenol intake for metabolic homeostasis with Oxxynea

About this webinar

An insufficient intake of fruit and vegetables is associated with a higher risk of developing non-communicable diseases. The worldwide consumption is lower than recommendations. Awareness of their benefits is increasing but the minimum daily intake of 5 servings of fruit and vegetables recommended by the World Health Organization is struggling to be reached.

Discover in this webinar how Oxxynea® has been developed to fill the nutritional gap between the consumption and the needs of consumers in terms of natural antioxidant polyphenols. From 90mg/day, it offers a wide spectrum of 100+ different polyphenols supplied by plant-based extracts.

Clinical results will be displayed to illustrate how you can provide your consumer with 1 to 5 portions a day to restore metabolic homeostasis.

Formulation tips, claims and examples of finished products will be displayed to stimulate your creativity.

Our team of experts will then answer your questions in a Q&A session.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Laure Nogier Marketing project manager @ FYTEXIA

    A dietitian with an MSc degree in food sciences and nutrition, Laure Nogier manages marketing & communication projects at Fytexia to provide our customers with valuable contents and turnkey solutions for successful products.

  • Team member
    Julien Cases Director of innovation and scientific affairs @ FYTEXIA

    PhD in Human Nutrition, Dr. Cases acquired expertise on the biological benefits of polyphenols. After over 15 years leading clinical research programs, Julien Cases joined Fytexia and now manages innovation and new solutions development.


Life Sciences, active nutrients, scientific support.

Fytexia is a supplier of scientifically-studied innovative ingredients. Our clinically proven solutions provide health benefits to support the development of food supplements, worldwide.