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The Game Developers Guide to Mobile Retention (PST)

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The Game Developers Guide to Mobile Retention

Wednesday February 10th 2020 - 9am PST

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Our panellists are:

  • Moderator: Ted Verani, VP of Global Business Development, wappier
  • Patrick McGrath, Head of Berlin Studio, Ten Square Games
  • Ignacio “Nacho” Marin, Game Manager, Gameloft
  • Rimmy Spanjer, Managing Director of Games, Hyper Hippo

Join Ted, Patrick, Ignacio and Rimmy as they discuss:

Mobile Game Retention is critical. It is becoming all the more important given the changes with iOS 14.

With the going away of IDFA, marketers will need to be thinking about CPM ad buys, and more top down approach to UA, thus requiring games with consistent DAU.

So how do top mobile games manage to retain users long enough to consistently claim top positions on the download and revenue charts?

Top mobile game developers have mastered the art of mobile game retention. They’ve developed a powerful collection of behavioral models, mechanics, and aesthetics that allow them to hold their audiences’ attention and keep them coming back.

In this panel, we’ll detail strategies and tips game developers can use to boost retention, starting with initial download and moving all the way through to the core gameplay loop. By focusing your efforts on the strategies described here, Developers will be able to build a long-term player base that fuels sustainable growth.

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