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GeoInsurance and Climate Change 2020 - How Must Our Models Change?

About this event

Gamma’s Richard Cantwell will present on his recent white papers regarding the effects of climate change on property in the UK & Ireland and its potential impact on the insurance sector.

The UK white paper combined the latest ground movement models from Terrafirma and Ambiental Risk’s FloodFutures® climate change models to identify which parts of the UK are likely to be impacted by climate change.

Gamma are also delighted to be joined by Dr Barry O’Dwyer from University College Cork, one of Europe’s leading experts on climate change. Dr O’Dwyer will provide an update on recent developments in climate change and their likely impacts on all of us.

This event will be hosted by Richard Garry (Gamma) & Matthew Grant (InsTech London).

The speakers are:

  • Richard Cantwell, Gamma – Key findings from the UK & Ireland’s climate change white papers
  • Tim Farewell, Terrafirma – Soil and climate change model
  • David Martin, Ambiental Risk Analytics - FloodFutures® model
  • Dr Barry O’Dwyer, Climate Change Scientist, Impacts and Adaptation, UCC – Climate change update and figures

White papers are available here:

Estimating the Potential Impact of Climate Change driven Weather-events on GB Property

Coastal Flooding and Climate Change in Ireland

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Matthew Grant Partner @ InsTech London

  • Team member
    Richard Garry Chief Commercial Officer @ Gamma LI

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