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Kubernetes Hot Reload, Revamped: Toward a Best-In-Class Inner-Loop Dev Experience with Garden

About this event

Upcoming webinar: Thursday, May 6th, 2021 at 6:00pm CEST / 12:00pm EDT / 9:00am PDT

Garden 0.12.21, released in April 2021, ships with major improvements to Garden’s Kubernetes hot reload functionality in the form of the new dev mode, which includes:

  • Two-way syncing, powered by Mutagen, to support remote-to-local syncing use cases such as code generation
  • Faster syncing that works smoothly across all platforms (OSX, Linux, and Windows)

...and more.

In this webinar, two of our co-founders, Eythor Magnusson and Thor Sigurdsson, will showcase the new dev mode as well as new logging features, touching on all things inner-loop Kubernetes development with Garden along the way.

Kubernetes Hot Reload: What and Why?

Hot reloading is an essential tool in any Kubernetes developer’s inner-loop toolkit. It makes it possible to reload running services whenever source code changes, without rebuilding and redeploying the running application. That rebuilding and redeploying is a major flow-killer, even with a system like Garden that offers smart, fast rebuilds.

With hot reloading, a developer can simply make a change, see it reflected in their running application right away, and (if they’re using Garden) run integration and end-to-end tests against their full stack, directly from their dev environment.

So hot reload has been an integral part of Garden since the early days of the project. But to provide a best-in-class inner-loop dev experience, and to reflect our users’ evolving needs and day-to-day workflows, Garden’s hot reload was due for an update, and we're really excited to share it with you.

OK, what else is new?

We'll also show you a new logs command that's much faster and doesn't drop a connection, meaning a dev can keep the command running all week without a disruption.

The command also streams the logs from every service all in one place and color codes them, so you can easily see what's happening throughout the system rather than having to look at the logs for each individual service, one at a time.

It's another powerful feature to improve the inner-loop dev experience, and we're excited to show it off to you.

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    Eythor Magnusson

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    Team Garden Community & Support <3 @ Garden

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    Emanuele Libralato Senior Software Engineer @ Garden

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    Fred Pullin

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    Jon Edvald CEO @ garden.io

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    Mike Winters

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    Anna Mager

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    Thor Sigurdsson VP of Engineering

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    Samuel Okoroafor


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