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GemTALK Webinar: How to comply with data retention and deletion policies

About this webinar

GDPR is very much in the spotlight. Just recently, we have seen supervisory authorities stepping up their roles. Heavy fines on BA and Marriott are being discussed, the Adtech sector has been put on notice, and citizens and customers are much more concerned as to what happens to their data.  

We can’t afford to be ill-prepared. This is why we, in our next webinar, focus on Data Retention - a topic our listeners have specifically chosen, testament to the fact that we are all striving to decipher our legal obligations.

This webinar will discuss what elements should be contained in a retention policy, which appropriate retention periods apply, and how best to incorporate processes for data deletion or destruction to ensure compliance. In a pragmatic session, the webinar will cover the following:

Data Retention: Process, Procedures and Policies

  • Conducting a data mapping exercise
  • Governance and ownership of data
  • How to comply with data minimisation
  • Applicable EU retention periods in various sectors:
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Services
  • Processes for data deletion, destruction and archiving

You can also find our recent article on the BA and Marriott investigations, in which we discuss how poor data mapping and data governance can lead to poor responses to data breaches.

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    Joanne Hutley

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    Ivana Bartoletti Head of Privacy, Data Protection and Ethics @ Gemserv Limited

    Ivana is the Head of Privacy & Data Protection at Gemserv. She leads on AI ethics & digital rights and is the co-founder of Women Leading in AI Network. She speaks at conferences in the UK and overseas and is a commentator on privacy in the age of big data and algorithms on the BBC and in the Gua...

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