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IoT Next Club - Practical considerations to secure IoT services

About this event

"IoT Cyberattacks are the new normal, the security mindset is not."

The number of IoT threats doubled in 2018, growing from 19 to 38 within a single year and eight in ten organisations have experienced a cyber attack on their IoT secure system - 90% of those organisations registered a direct effect on their results.

IoT security has become the subject of scrutiny after this high-number of incidents where a common IoT device was used to infiltrate and attack the larger network.

The question arises: How to protect your IoT device?

IoT Next Club is constantly looking for opportunities to help our SME's and startups. On Friday 27th September we want to solve a number of doubts about the main challenges for companies working directly with IoT solutions and to find out the best way to protect your information, to prevent external and internal attacks and create strategies to mitigate these risks.

Join us on this session and get strategic insights from a specialist working in the field for almost twenty years!

Timing 11.00 BST / 12:00 CEST


  • Introduction to the Webinar and IoT Next Club - Joāo Guerra (IoT Next Club)
  • Introduction to IoT trends – Industries, Use cases (Energy) - Sean Gulliford (Gemserv)
  • Focus on Security regulations, standards, best practices - Sean Gulliford
  • Introduction to ETSI spec & DCMS key principles - Sean Gulliford
  • Introduction to cloud security - Arun Sambodaran (Gemserv)
  • Where to get help? Independent Assessments, Compliance monitoring- Arun Sambodaran
  • Q&A
  • Closing - Joāo Guerra

About Gemserv:

Gemserv is a London-based company specialising in market design, governance and assurance services consultancy, providing high quality impartial advice to competitive utility and environmental markets and their participants. The company's information security team advises global, blue-chip corporations, government bodies, telcos, hi-techs and SMEs alike on their security strategies.

About the IoT Next Club:

The IoT Next Club, is a club resulting from the European Commission financed IoT Large-Scale Pilots Programme, reaching €104 million in funding opportunities, whose purpose is to be the reference for all SMEs in tech, empowering and representing the challenges facing the community at all levels.

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  • Guest speaker
    Arun Sambodaran Senior Technical Consultant – Connected Devices @ Gemserv

    Arun Sambodaran leads the development and implementation of cyber security services for emerging platforms with primary focus on Connected Devices (IoT) and upcoming areas such as Blockchain and AI.

  • Guest speaker
    Joāo Guerra BluSpecs, IoT Next Club

    Joāo is the coordinator of IoT Next Club, where he works with start-ups to understand their needs and what can be improved. Joāo also provides a set of activities to IoT Next Club members, such as webinars, to mitigate risks, problems that companies have, mostly during the first years of operation.

  • Guest speaker
    Sean Gulliford Head of Connected Devices @ Gemserv

    Sean Gulliford holds a B.Eng(Hons) in Digital Systems Engineering, a M.Sc in Machine Learning and Adaptive Computing and is a certified ethical hacker. Sean’s career has spanned Transport, Telecommunications, Smart Metering and IoT in various roles including Firmware Developer and System Architect.

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