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GFNY invites you to their event

GFNY Virtual Conference - 2023 - Europe

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    MW G
    Mickael Waslet

  • Team member
    Christopher Geiser GFNY

    21 time GFNY Finisher.

  • Guest speaker
    MG G
    Matheo Geyer Ambassador @ GFNY

  • Guest speaker
    FB G
    Franck Branswyck GFNY France

  • Guest speaker
    LH G
    Ludovic Hamann GFNY France

  • Guest speaker
    CZ G
    Cédric Zinoune

  • Guest speaker
    Cedric Haas Organizer @ GFNY France


Be a pro for a day!

GFNY is a personal endurance challenge where you compete against others, the clock and yourself. GFNY NYC serves as the GFNY World Championship for the GFNY World Series of races.