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FME Best Practices & Fun Raffle

About this event

Due to the Coronacrisis, the FME World Tour is coming to you! As a replacement for the FME World Tour in Leuven on may 5th, GIM presents a full and exciting program during several short webinars in may and june. Webinars are interactive online seminars. You can choose which session you want to attend, depending on your interests and availability.

LEARN, ENJOY and WIN 2 hours of FME consultancy!

During this webinar, GIM's FME Experts will share their best practices with you. Boost your productivity in FME with their inside tips and tricks for setting up and organizing workspaces and for working with the new FME features. Afterwards, you'll be able to participate to the famous FME FUN Raffle, the legendary game based on the new FME functionalities. The top 3 players will receive 2 hours of free FME consultancy, offered by GIM. Don't miss it!


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