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[Live Product Demo] GitGuardian SCA

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Open-source software is not less secure than proprietary code. Both can include vulnerabilities leading to security issues. However, developers often unquestioningly trust community-validated open-source projects, which can make their dependencies a considerable security liability for organizations.

Want to learn more but don’t feel like jumping on a sales call? Look no further - our live product demo webinar is the best place to get started!

Join us for a 20-minute live demo of GitGuardian SCA with our in-house experts Dwayne McDaniel and Jason Miller. Come and see how GitGuardian can help you secure your software supply chain by prioritizing open-source or third-party risks and managing SBOMs.

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  • Team member
    Jason Miller Head of Business Development @ GitGuardian

    Head of Business Development at GitGuardian. I have been leading business development initiatives in various tech industries since 2015.

  • Team member
    Dwayne McDaniel Sr. Security Developer Advocate @ GitGuardian

    Security Developer Advocate at GitGuardian Dwayne has been working as a Developer Advocate since 2016 and has been involved in tech communities since 2005.


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