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[Live Product Demo] GitGuardian Secrets Detection

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Secrets are not just any kind of credentials. They’re the glue holding the software supply chain from code to cloud. Exposing secrets in your code, container images, and Jira gives attackers the freedom to roam freely inside your systems. Even worse, you may never know they were there or how they got in…

Want to learn more but don’t feel like jumping on a sales call? Look no further - our live product demo webinar is the best place to get started!

Join us for a 20-minute live demo of GitGuardian Secrets Detection with our in-house experts Dwayne McDaniel and Jason Miller. Come and see how GitGuardian can help you control the chaos of secrets sprawl in your software supply chain!

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  • Team member
    Jason Miller Head of Business Development @ GitGuardian

    Head of Business Development at GitGuardian. I have been leading business development initiatives in various tech industries since 2015.

  • Team member
    Dwayne McDaniel Sr. Security Developer Advocate @ GitGuardian

    Security Developer Advocate at GitGuardian Dwayne has been working as a Developer Advocate since 2016 and has been involved in tech communities since 2005.


Code Security For The DevOps Generation

GitGuardian is a cybersecurity company that offers automated and real-time monitoring to protect businesses from data leaks caused by security breaches through secrets detection on source codes, cloud infrastructures and various platforms. They aim to ...