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Securing the Supply Chain - Automating our Way Out of Security Whack-a-Mole

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Securing the supply chain - Automating our way out of Security Whack-a-Mole

Open-source components forever changed how we build software, but they are also a prominent security threat, nothing illustrated this better than the recent XZ library incident where the world narrowly avoided a massive supply chain attack.

Join Gene Gotimer and Mackenzie Jackson to discuss how we can keep our open-source supply chains secure as we discuss:

  • Security implications of vulnerable open-source components
  • How using automation can help us move toward a secure supply chain
  • How to discover and detect vulnerable components

Come join Mackenzie and Gene and move closer to a secure supply chain, also if you made it this far in the text simply comment “SCA for Life” during the webinar to win a prize!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Mackenzie Jackson

    Mackenzie is a developer advocate at GitGuardian with a passion for DevOps and security. As the co-founder and former CTO of a health tech startup, he learned first-hand how critical it is to build secure applications with robust developer operations

  • Guest speaker
    Gene Gotimer Devops Engineer @ Praeses

    Gene is a DevSecOps Engineer who loves playing with new tools, focusing on agile processes, securing development practices, and automating everything. Gene feels that repeatability, quality, and security are strongly intertwined; each depends on the other two, making agile and DevSecOps crucial to software development.


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