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DataOps: Dashboards-as-Code Best Practices

About this event

Join us for a deep dive into DataOps!

"DataOps" is the practice of defining dashboards as code and building technical integrations between the BI layer and the rest of your data stack.

In this session Dan Eisenberg, VP of Technology at Glean.io, will lead an interactive session reviewing some of the key DataOps concepts and demonstrating how you can use it to more effectively develop and validate your analytics with Glean. Topics will include how and when to define models / dashboards as code, integrating Glean with a backend pipeline framework like dbt, and strategies for designing your BI development workflow.

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    Sarah Davidson Sr. Manager, Go-to-Market @ Glean.io

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    Dan Eisenberg VP of Technology @ Glean.io


Consistent metrics, explorable in minutes.

Glean.io is a lightweight BI tool that empowers fast data exploration for data teams and everyone else. Define your metrics once and enable your teams to self-serve. Answer questions flexibly - users can explore with or without SQL.