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Complex field development projects in a digital collaboration environment

About this event

Challenges and best practices when working on complex field development projects in a digital collaboration environment

As the industry moves towards a more digital, collaborative approach to field development, a number of challenges need to be overcome to ensure that the value of this new approach is realized.

The need to integrate and share data between the increasing number of software platforms and applications requires an open, agnostic approach supported by industry standards.

This panel discussion aims to address some of the challenges seen developing and using digital design tools and to discuss some of the best practices and steps that need to be taken to realize the expected benefits of increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved quality.

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  • Guest speaker
    MC G
    Maria Carter Customer Success Manager @ FutureOn

  • Guest speaker
    Bruno Romero Senior Subsea Engineer @ EniProgetti

  • Guest speaker
    Subrata Bhowmik Subsea Digital & Automation Specialist @ McDermott

  • Guest speaker
    Steve Ellis Subsea Controls Engineer @ bp


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