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How to control enzyme performance in your CIP process

About this event

Optimize washing profiles and ensure the absence of enzymes after CIP

Cleaning-In-Place is the industry standard for automated cleaning of the insides of tanks, pipes, and filters in food production. Harsh cleaning agents and elevated temperatures are used to enhance the effectiveness of cleaning. Enzymes enable reduced use of cleaning agents and lower temperatures and have been marketed as a more sustainable CIP solution.

However, an enzyme-based CIP process is not always trivial, as the performance can be affected by the harsh detergent conditions and the concern of having enzyme residuals in the final products. The use of fast enzyme test methods to optimize washing profiles and to confirm enzyme absence after final wash-steps could be the key to higher adaptation of enzymes in CIP-Cleaning.

In this webinar, GlycoSpot has teamed up with FORCE Technology to host a webinar for industries already working with enzyme-based CIP processes or considering doing so.

We are excited to share how the GlycoSpot test platform can help you optimize your CIP and washing process with minimal effort. Sounds interesting? Join us on Wednesday, the 19th of May!

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Here’s what you will learn:

1) The fundamentals of CIP

2) The opportunities and challenges of using an enzyme-based cleaning

3) The importance of knowing enzymatic activity during and after CIP

4) A simple lab-free method to measure enzyme activity

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  • Guest speaker
    Annette Baltzer Larsen Senior Consultant @ FORCE Technology

    Annette is a dairy engineer and has worked with the hygienic design, optimized cleaning, cleaning validation, biofilm, food safety and food quality for the last 23 years, the last 13 years at FORCE Technology.

  • Team member
    Brian King Senior Scientist @ GlycoSpot ApS

    Brian is developing tools for measuring enzymatic activity in industrial cleaning applications, helping companies improve their processes, reduce waste, and validate removal of enzyme residues. He has a broad background in biotechnology, with a focus on genetic, protein, and metabolic engineering.


GlycoSpot is an industrial biotechnology company specialising in the development, production, and distribution of ready-to-use enzyme activity screening tools.