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The power of a fast and accurate QC for malt

About this event

Ensure good malt quality and save cost

It is essential to understand amylase activities in your malt to drive value. Until today enzymatic tests have been time-consuming and expensive. GlycoSpot has developed a unique test method to make quality control for malt fast, reliable, and lab-free.

We are excited to share with you how the GlycoSpot test platform can unlock the secrets of high-quality malt and release value. Sounds interesting? Join us on Thursday, the 25th of May.

Here is What You Will Learn

1) The value of knowing more about your malt

Get a fast measure of enzymatic activity, which allows you to understand your malt and release your products faster.

2) The importance of enzymatic activity during germination

We want to help maltsters to optimize their process by monitoring amylase development during germination.

3) How to leverage from a fast and cheap malt QC

Ensure that your malt lives up to your quality criteria and keep your malt extract below the enzymatic threshold with the GlycoSpot test platform.

4) How GlycoSpot has helped others

Learn our best practices from several case studies proving the value of our methods.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Raimon Parés Viader Senior Scientist @ GlycoSpot

    Raimon is currently developing tools for measuring enzymatic activity in malt and wort, making QC easier and more cost-efficient for malthouses and breweries. He has a background as chemical engineer, with several years of experience in the food industry, as well as a PhD in membrane technology.

  • Team member
    Nicolai Maron Business Developer @ GlycoSpot

    My mission is to commercialise easy enzyme monitoring tools for the malting and brewing industry. I want to bring awareness towards an optimised production that increases profits and output.


GlycoSpot is an industrial biotechnology company specialising in the development, production, and distribution of ready-to-use enzyme activity screening tools.