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Nuñez & Asociados and Goethals Consulting Corp. invites you to their webinar

Why is Cyber-security of Businesses Crucial? Lessons from Ethical Hackers

About this webinar

In a digital, knowledge-based society, technology creates opportunities, without leaving behind vulnerabilities. As systems become more integrated and society’s dependence on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructures increases, the number of vulnerabilities does too, allowing to be exploited by unscrupulous actors.

Current terrorism is financed through cyber-attacks, hacking, and online financial fraud. State of Emergencies, like COVID-19, leads to rising on online platforms for work and personal uses, but how aware are you of its data protection and cybersecurity? Not having the adequate infrastructure to protect data and have secure communication channels, makes your business an easy target for cyber attackers, not to mention the reputation repercussions. 

The economic damage caused by cybercrime is massive and quantifiable. CEO’s, CTO’s and CIO’s have the challenge to protect their business’s systems for long-term security. This webinar will help you identify the weaknesses you may be facing in your company, but not yet know about it. Receive expert tips from ethical hackers to protect yourself and your company from cyber attacks, especially during these particular times.

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  • Guest speaker
    Roman Fülöp IT Security Consultant and Penetration Tester @ Nethemba

    Roman has a MSc from the FIIT-STU, Bratislava. He has 12 years of experience as a software engineer and system administrator. Expert on several programming technologies and database systems, as well as in OWASP Testing Guide, OSSTMM and many security testing tools and exploit frameworks.

  • Guest speaker
    Pavol Lupták CEO and Certified IT Security Professional @ Nethemba

    Pavol is a CISSP and CEH. He has been creating security audits and penetration tests for over 18 years and has 20 years of experience in programming in various languages, bug-tracing, and code auditing, as well as in Unix systems, TCP/IP networking, load balancing, among other technologies.

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