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Greenius Walkthrough + Q&A

About this event

  • Get deep-dive into of Greenius from end-to-end. Learn how we'll help you build a high-performance crew.
  • Building a training program including a 90 day onboarding plan.
  • How to build your own courses and tips on some key courses to build.
  • Reduce turnover and grow your employees
  • Q&A - Get your questions answered live

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  • Team member
    Matt Crinklaw SVP of Greenius @ Greenius by LMN

    I love what I do! My passion lies in equipping our contractors with tools and strategies to develop and attract employees who not only thrive but also significantly contribute to the success of their companies.

Landscape Management Network

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LMN is a company that provides operations system software for the landscape industry which enables contractors to achieve their annual growth goals.