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Ecommerce Automation: 5 Ways To Automate Your Store & Get More Done For Less

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eCommerce Automation: A Smarter Way To Sell

Across multiple industries and markets, eCommerce businesses often unexpectedly enter into a growth phase, where demands spike and revenues increase exponentially.

The excitement of expanding sales is short-lived and business owners face extreme pressures to keep up with demand. While hiring more employees or putting in more hours can help in the short-term, a business simply cannot sustainably scale without strong automated processes.

5 Ways To Automate Your eCommerce Business ⚙️

The best way to set up your eCommerce business up for success (i.e. more sales, profits and operations) is to convert repetitive tasks and processes into an automated system.

Automation of eCommerce frees up valuable time for your team to focus on more important aspects of the business, increasing efficiency especially and standardizing the brand experience for your valued customers and prospects.

In this webinar, you will learn how to identify repetitive tasks in your eCommerce business that can be effectively automated through the most innovative tech offered by the best applications in the direct-to-consumer Shopify, Magento & BigCommerce ecosystem.

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  • Guest speaker
    Sara Du Co-Founder @ Alloy

    Sara is the CEO and cofounder of Alloy Automation, the leading ecommerce automation platform. Alloy is used by top brands and agencies like Red Antler, the Denver Broncos, and Lick Home to eliminate time-intensive workflows across fulfillment, customer support, and more.

  • Guest speaker
    Abdullah Wali Group Director of Customer Success @ Skubana

    Wali was one of Skubana's first employees and oversees account management, new customer implementations, and technology integrations. In his free time, he likes to play with his dogs Mac and Maya.

  • Guest speaker
    Anthony Snell Solutions Consultant @ Ada

  • Guest speaker
    Kevin Lew Technology Partnerships Manager @ ReCharge

    At ReCharge, I navigate the elasticity of our platform with the technology stacks that best empower eCommerce businesses to succeed. Finding common ground to drive growth and make the world a happier place has always been my passion.


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