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Win Over Prospects to Lifetime Customers with Emails this BFCM 2020

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Win Over Prospects to Lifetime Customers with Emails this Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020

Gorgias and Chronos Agency

We’re hosting a dynamic and collaborative webinar on how eCommerce stores can grow their businesses this upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 by focusing on the New Customer Acquisition Flow.

The NCA email flow coupled with Gorgias helpdesk integrations will power your email profits past the set-it-and-forget it mindset of email automation.

After all, a store’s welcome flow is as good as a first impression. How can you leverage automated triggers to nurture new subscribers into loyal shoppers and boost their lifetime value?   

This limited edition webinar for eCommerce business owners will do just that and just in time for BFCM preparation. 

So if you’re gearing up to take advantage of BFCM to grow your business, you won’t want to miss this.


Fuel Connections That Generate Results.

The most successful eCommerce businesses are those that are able to create a smooth, seamless, and engaging customer experience right from the get-go. This goes to show how interconnected email marketing and customer service can be. 

This session is a walkthrough of the specific steps you can take to make sure your New Customer Acquisition flow hooks in your new customers and is able to prime them to be high-value customers. Meaning additional ROI for your business.

After working with many successful eCommerce brands over the past years, these strategies have been tested and optimized to ensure maximum sales. 

Here’s what you’ll have access to:

  • Why this year’s BFCM is slated to be bigger than ever (Hint: it’s something to do with customer behavior!)
  • The importance of Email Automation to connect the touchpoints of the customer journey
  • How to Maximize Sales during BFCM 2020 using the New Customer Acquisition Flow
  • After a warm welcome, how to continue the conversation with powerful Gorgias integrations. 
  • Your actionables to prepare for BFCM 2020 
  • The Ultimate 2020 Giveaway: A BFCM Success checklist we made just for this year!

All registrants will receive their second month of Gorgias access for free.

All attendees will receive a $20 UberEats gift voucher.

Attendees who book a demo will receive their second of Gorgias access for free plus a banging swag box! 

But the grand prize takes the cake. It includes a:

  • 1 month of free Gorgias access
  • Gorgias swag pack
  • Chronos swag pack
  • FREE 30 mins audit from Chronos (if you’re qualified)

Learn how brands like Steve Madden, Timbuk2, MVMT, Decathalon, Oatley and more are using Conversational Commerce to consistently drive cross-sell and upsell opportunities through email marketing.

If you have any questions, or know of a brand who might be interested in joining us, please email us at jackie@gorgias.com.

Gorgias is an all-in-one customer support platform built for eCommerce. Deliver an outstanding customer experience and turn your support into a profit center with Gorgias, the only helpdesk designed for online stores.

Hosted by Gorgias and Chronos Agency

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Joshua Chin Co-Founder & CEO @ Chronos Agency

    Co-founder & CEO of Chronos Agency, a data-driven eCommerce email marketing agency. Chronos Agency’s clients enjoy an average of 35x ROI on email marketing. Josh and his team have worked with 200+ eCommerce clients to generate a 20-30% boost in trackable email revenue.


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