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Get In The Game 2022 [Design] with Francisc-Traian Apostu, Game Designer / Creative Director

About this event

Your webinar will kick off with the award-winning Get in the Game presentation which includes:

  • An overview of game design roles in the games industry
  • The skills games studios look for in graduate designers
  • How to build an eye-catching design portfolio
  • Tips for building a games industry specific CV
  • How to network to get a job in the games industry
  • What to expect from the interview process

This is followed by a presentation from a guest speaker :

Francisc-Traian Apostu, Game Designer / Creative Director

Francisc has been in design for almost 15 years, specialized in game design, user experience, game production and creative direction, with credits including Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.

All of this is followed by a detailed Q&A session. This is your opportunity to ask questions of those in the industry about anything discussed and about starting your career as a professional game designer.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Joe Sutcliffe Graduate Recruiter @ Aardvark Swift

  • Guest speaker
    JM G
    Josh Mattyasovszky Senior Systems Designer

  • Guest speaker
    Francisc Apostu Game Designer / Creative Director

    I've been involved in establishing and guiding several start-ups. I am passionate about making awesome games that build on strong design methodologies. I have been for over 10 years in design positions, managing people and teams in building great games. I am thrilled by technology and gamification in our current era, to empower humans for a better living condition. I am specialized in game design, user experience, game production and creative direction. The shipped products have been downloaded over 30 million times and AAA PC and console games have sold over 12 million copies worldwide. My ultimate goal: Ship great games, empower talented indie developers and continue learning about building new games with new game design paradigms, and building great companies and start-ups in the gaming and IT sector.

  • Team member
    Dan Dudley Grads In Games

    Hi, I'm Dan, I run a lot of the things behind the scenes at Grads In Games & with our Search For A Star gamedev challenges.

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