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5 Steps to Improve Knowledge Flow and Insights Centricity: Lessons from Delta Faucet Company

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✔️ Improved Decision-Making Prowess

✔️ Increased Revenue Growth + ROI

✔️ Expedited Onboarding + Employee Engagement/Retention

These are just a few benefits of democratizing your data… and several reasons why some of the biggest organizations in the world have begun prioritizing the commission and maintenance of robust insight engines to democratize their data and amplify visibility cross-functionally amongst stakeholders.

Needless to say, businesses aiming to drive innovation and remain competitive will absolutely need to advance collaboration with their insights teams and/or research partners in 2023.

Join GreenBook, Jordan Slabaugh, CMO of Bloomfire, and Paul Ponsford, Senior Marketing Research Manager at Delta Faucet Company, for a compelling discussion around insight-led companies and how to generate extraordinary cross-functional interest and engagement in market research. Plus, learn 5 crucial steps to improve cross-functional engagement, as well as actionable tips, and strategies, to increase that engagement by more than 75%!

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to demonstrate the value of cross-functional insight practices to drive executive buy-in
  • Discover how to make insights easier to find, understand, and leverage
  • Uncover important tactics to align research interests and aptitudes with functional groups across the organization

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  • Guest speaker
    Jordan Slabaugh Chief Marketing Officer @ Bloomfire

    Jordan is the CMO at Bloomfire, where she oversees marketing, developing Bloomfire’s go-to-market strategy, and creating advocacy for knowledge management. She has 15+ years of experience at both B2B tech companies and global marketing agencies.

  • Guest speaker
    Paul Ponsford Senior Market Research Manager @ Delta Faucet

    Paul has held a variety of strategic insights positions with a primary focus on ensuring that the customer’s voice is heard within the company. At Delta, he has enjoyed the challenge of pushing existing methodologies and developing new ones to be effective in delivering usable insights.


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