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B2B Innovations: Research Methodology that Transformed UX at Pinterest

About this event

“Dirty” data can topple multi-million dollar business decisions, yet even though 98% of professionals believe that high-quality data is strategically essential, only 51% actually consider their data to be “clean” enough to leverage (NewtonX Knowledge Graph, 2021).

The fact of the matter is, clean data is key, but maintaining outdated research processes can be equally as harmful and in many cases, directly result in “dirty" data.

Join Sascha Eder, CEO of  NewtonX, and Kitty Z Xu, Quantitative User Experience Lead at Pinterest, for an eye-opening discussion about how the Pinterest team combated data hazards and found success with B2B research by thinking beyond the traditional panel. Using a new B2B methodology, “Custom Recruiting”, the Pinterest UX team reoriented their research processes in order to make business decisions with confidence — and positively impact their bottom line.

Throughout the event, you’ll uncover the actionable steps and strategies to solve some of your most prominent B2B research problems.

3 Big Takeaways:

  1. Research Techniques: How to apply the innovative B2B research methodology Pinterest used to build advertiser trust
  2. Audience Analysis: Define which target audiences are essential to quoting and delivering a successful project
  3. Best Practices: Practical resources and strategies to solve some of your biggest B2B research challenges 

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  • Guest speaker
    Sascha Eder CEO @ NewtonX

    Sascha co-founded NewtonX in 2017 with the vision of leveraging automation and AI to create the world's leading B2B research company. Prior to NewtonX, he was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and the Boston Consulting Group.

  • Guest speaker
    Kitty Z Xu, PhD Quantitative User Experience Research Lead @ Pinterest

    Kitty joined Pinterest 5+ years ago as the second quantitative UX researcher on the Research team and has been building and scaling the discipline within the company ever since. She holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University.


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