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Benchmarking Emotional Engagement with Open-Ended Responses

About this event

Studies have shown that customers who have an emotional relationship with a brand boast a 306% higher lifetime value than those who don’t have an emotional connection. So, as one would expect, it’s mission-critical for organizations to gain a better understanding of how to leverage emotion measurement to make more informed decisions about their consumer and creative strategies.

With emotion analysis, companies can go deeper than simply assigning a positive, negative, or neutral value to understand what customers are truly experiencing (eg. annoyance, joy, excitement, etc.). The question insights teams often grapple with is: can emotional engagement be measured in a consistent way? The answer - YES!

Join Darci Greco, Senior Account Director at Canvs AI, and Cathy Wray, Senior Director of Research & Insights at Kantar, to discover how to conduct accurate and timely analysis of open-ended responses and master automated emotional measurement of creative concepts.

Throughout this thought-provoking discussion, they’ll take a deep dive into how Kantar is using Canvs AI in their creative testing for retail point of sale and digital eCommerce to measure comparative emotional engagement across the industry. You’ll also get an insider view into how Kantar creates and uses emotional benchmark scores for each concept test.

3 Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to utilize new emotion measurement technology to automate analysis of unstructured text data
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Kantar utilizes Canvs’ emotion measurement to establish category-level benchmarks
  • Uncover valuable strategies to leverage the power of emotion to elevate your consumer testing

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  • Guest speaker
    Darci Greco Senior Account Director @ Canvs AI

    Darci leads strategic market research supplier relationships for Canvs AI. Prior to joining Canvs, Darci held senior positions with TVeyes, a global search engine for television and radio, and Dynata.

  • Guest speaker
    Cathy Wray Senior Director Research & Insights, Advisory Retail Delivery @ Kantar

    With more than 25 years of marketing experience, Cathy has addressed consumer needs in innovations and product development. She has additionally solved systemic issues for a number of Fortune 100 organizations.


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