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Benchmarking Essentials: Using Online Reviews to Drive Business Growth

About this event

How are you performing against your competitors?

One of the most readily available sources for comparing your company to its competitors are online reviews. The challenge lies in efficiently gathering these different data sources, analyzing the unstructured data, and presenting insights in reports & dashboards.

Join Caplena, a text analytics web application for survey analysis, to explore how online reviews can provide a rich source of insights for your company. We’ll discuss the practical steps to set up a semi-automated feedback analysis pipeline, and how to combine those results with NPS data.

3 Things You’ll Learn:

  • Review Sources: Which sources of online reviews are available for your specific industry
  • Data Analysis: Why analyzing this data makes sense for your company
  • Benchmarking Strategies: Practical steps to benchmark yourself against your competitors

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Maurice Gonzenbach Co-Founder @ Caplena

    As Co-Founder of Caplena, Maurice strives to make the most recent achievements in the machine learning area accessible to the market research industry. Maurice obtained his master’s in Computational Science & Engineering from ETH Zurich.


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