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Gen Z & Parenthood: The Next Frontier of Consumer Behavior

About this event

It might seem crazy to believe but the older part of Gen Z are becoming household providers — and in just a few years’ time they’ll make up the majority of first-time parents.

Now that we’ve all been reality-checked, it’s time to get back to the strategic drawing board. As Gen Z’ers become the most important buyer for all brands, businesses simply can’t afford to undervalue or underestimate the impact of this evolving generation on their bottom line.

Join GreenBook, Nadia Masri, Founder & CEO at Perksy, and Kasi Bruno, Partner & Co-Founder of Culture Bureau, for a compelling discussion about the findings from Culture Bureau’s first phase research study with data powered by Perksy — where you’ll take a deep dive into values of Gen Z consumers as parents, their critical differences from millennial parents, and the most salient trends that have surfaced about their buying behavior. You’ll also explore key hardships, motivators, personal sentiments, and standout brand experiences that’ll be important for your teams to understand in order to take your Gen Z marketing strategies to the next level.

3 Things You’ll Learn:

  • Explore fresh insights about Gen Z buying behavior and sentiments as they transition into a new phase of generational power
  • Discover the Gen Z value ranking model and learn how you can apply this to your brand
  • Uncover critical marketing and brand strategies to ensure your business attracts and retains Gen Z consumers

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Nadia Masri Founder & CEO @ Perksy

    Nadia Masri is a 4-time founder, Forbes 30 Under 30 headliner, TEDx Speaker, and the CEO & Founder of Perksy. Prior to Perksy, Nadia founded 3 other companies before studying psychology and marketing at Harvard, which she left early to build Perksy.

  • Guest speaker
    Kasi Bruno Partner & Co-Founder @ Culture Bureau

    Kasi is a professor of consumer behavior, an award-winning strategist and author of many leading-edge studies. Her work has appeared in Ad Age, CMO.com, Chicago Tribune and others. She is a Partner at Culture Bureau, a strategy studio in Los Angeles.


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