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Generative AI in Practice: How Cereal Partners Worldwide is Transforming its Insight Capabilities with Intelligent Solutions

About this event

Every day, we hear about how generative AI is going to transform the future landscape of market research — but we’re less clear on how that’s going to happen. It’s time to move beyond theoretical understanding and delve into the real-world impacts of generative AI on market research and consumer insights.

Join GreenBook, Bulbshare, and industry expert Elaina Wahnon for a webinar that takes AI from the realm of speculation into reality as we explore how one of the world’s leading fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) organizations is leveraging generative AI to anticipate human behavior with enhanced accuracy to drive business growth.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, June 8th at 11 am ET for an immersive exploration of the practical and tangible applications of generative AI. Together, we’ll explore a vision for the AI revolution of market research, the importance of maintaining a constant learning mindset, and the ways in which the operational day-to-day insights practice will be impacted.

In This Session You’ll Learn:

  • Some of the top generative AI tools used by leading market research experts, along with real-world examples of market research in action
  • A comprehensive 5-point guide to key takeaways and potential pitfalls around integrating generative AI into your insights solutions
  • Valuable tips and insights from AI tech innovators and leading market researchers that can inform your business’s everyday use of generative AI

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Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Matt Hay CEO & Founder @ Bulbshare

    As CEO & Founder of Bulbshare, Matt is ever-curious about the opportunities AI presents for customer insight.

  • Guest speaker
    Juan Planillo Bulbshare @ Head of Product

    As Head of Product at Bulbshare, Juan is at the bleeding edge of AI development.

  • Guest speaker
    Nina Glynn Head of Content @ Bulbshare

    Nina Glynn, Bulbshare's Head of Content and consumer trends journalist, has hosted Bulbshare's webinars for over a year and has interviewed numerous thought-leaders in the AI space.

  • Guest speaker
    Eliana Wahnon Vice President Consumer and Market Intelligence at CPW @ Nestlé CPW

    With 16 years' experience at Nestlé & General Mills, Eliana Wahnon will share her hopeful vision for AI's ability to unlock business growth.


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