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How to Influence the CEO's Agenda with Brand Research

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Brand value isn’t just a company asset. It’s a critical determinant of a company’s market success. Yet surprisingly, 67% of brands struggle to fully reflect their strength in share prices and are currently underperforming their competitive set. 

If you suspect your brand falls into this category, it’s time to learn how your insights team can influence C-suite strategies that overcome this challenge. 

Join Greenbook, Jackie Cutrone, Chief Marketing Officer at NewtonX, and Greg Silverman, Global Director of Brand Economics at Interbrand, for a session that will transform your approach to brand valuation., backed by a reporting launching on March 20th from Interbrand, NewtonX and Brodeur Partners. Informed by an in-depth analysis of over 500 brands’ Price-to-Earnings (P/E) ratios over the past five years combined with primary research within the investor community, Interbrand and NewtonX’s strategic partnership has identified a powerful driver that can open doors to billion-dollar business opportunities, drive significant net value, and reshape investor perceptions to revitalize your brand’s share price.

Best of all, it’s an asset that you already have the power to strengthen — your brand. You just need the right insights to make it happen.

Session Takeaways:

  • Bring Rigor to Your Research: Learn how to custom recruit niche B2B audiences like investment professionals, creatively complement primary data with public market data, and use mixed methods (qual and quant) for deep insights.
  • Bridge The Gap Between Insight and Action: Benchmark your organization and surface insights to improve brand performance.
  • Build C-Suite Trust: Elevate your findings to the CEO and CMO and make an impact on the organization.

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  • Guest speaker
    Jackie Cutrone CMO @ NewtonX

    Jackie is CMO at NewtonX, the world's leading B2B research company. As the first marketing hire, Jackie has built the brand and marketing engine from the ground up. She brings nearly two decades of B2B brand and marketing experience from leading agencies and the Fortune 500 to deliver high impact initiatives at NewtonX. Previously, Jackie led Growth for Brand Management Solutions at branding agency, Monigle, and headed the Client Services team for Interbrand’s technology group. She has had the privilege of partnering with brand and marketing teams at American Express, AT&T, Bain & Co., BNY Mellon, Gartner, HP, Salesforce, TD Bank, Visa, and more. She holds an M.S. in Strategic Communications from Columbia University and has taught graduate courses at Columbia University and Pratt Institute. She continues to guest lecture on brand and content strategy.

  • Guest speaker
    Greg Silverman Global Director of Brand Economics @ Interbrand

    Greg Silverman, Global Director of Brand Economics at Interbrand, is an architect of Interbrand's Brand Valuation Model. He has led projects on M&A, brand strategy, product launch, brand architecture, CX, brand valuations, and go-to-market for leading global companies. Greg combines primary research, financial analysis, and business case modeling to empower clients with insights to make iconic business moves. As an entrepreneur and CEO, he has founded, grown, and sold companies in software and digital services. He is also the host of a podcast called Road to Revenue and the author of “How Customers Behave”. He is working on a new book called “How Brands Fail”.


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