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Leveraging the #1 Emerging Research Method to Generate Core Insights from Open-Ended Questions

About this event

Insights & customer experience teams have the unique challenge of presenting a clear and timely view of consumer trends while navigating a fast-changing and dynamic environment. As a result, the do-it-yourself (DIY) research movement has rapidly taken over for brands on a mission to accelerate the pace of their research, and generate quick insights while still interpreting consumer feedback with empathy and nuance. 

In fact, the 2022 Insights Practice GRIT Report found that DIY text analysis methods were the fastest growing and #1 emerging method for research buyers in the past year alone.

Join GreenBook’s Chief Advisor for Insights and Development, Lenny Murphy, and Canvs AI Founder & CEO, Jared Feldman, for an enlightening discussion about the most important trends in the consumer landscape leading into 2023 and how text analytics can be used to add more depth to your consumer insights. 

3 Things You’ll Learn:

  • Critical market research trends identified in the GRIT Report that are driving the adoption of text analytics

  • How to leverage AI-enabled text analytics to increase the value of consumer insights extracted from open-ended questions

  • Key use cases for the application of text analytics within quantitative research

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Jared Feldman Founder & CEO @ Canvs AI

    Jared Feldman is the founder and CEO of Canvs AI. Canvs is used by some of the world’s most admired brands to accelerate time-to-insights, reduce cost, and deepen understanding of consumers.

  • Guest speaker
    Lenny Murphy Executive Editor & Producer @ GreenBook

    Leonard “Lenny” Murphy has been in the Market Research industry for over a decade in various senior level roles, most notably as CEO of full service agency Rockhopper Research, CEO of tech-driven start-up BrandScan360, and Senior Partner of strategic consultancy Gen2 Advisors. A major aspect of his work focuses on collaborating with multiple organizations to help advance innovation and strategic positioning of the market research industry, most prominently as the Editor-in-Chief of the GreenBook Blog and GreenBook Research Industry Trends Report, 2 of the most widely read and influential publications in the global insights industry.


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