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Navigating Inflation — Best In Class Tips For Insight Professionals

About this event

Inflation has hit its highest rate since 1981, creating chaos for consumers and brands alike. Pair that disruption with the threat of an impending recession, and it’s no wonder customers are drastically cutting back their spending or pivoting to cheaper alternatives.  

In order for brands to successfully navigate these complex times and maintain profitability, they’ll need to better understand where to prioritize their budgets and campaign efforts to preserve market share.

Join GreenBook, Peter Aschmoneit, CEO & Co-Founder of quantilope, and Stan Sthanunathan, former EVP of Insights at Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company, to discuss the imperative research projects that insight teams will need to conduct in order to support marketers and CMOs in the midst of the inflationary market.

You’ll also explore the challenges that many industries are facing right now — and discover how research priorities will continue to transform and impact your business's insight practice as a result. 

3 Critical Takeaways:

  • Explore 3 important research topics that every insight team should facilitate to help navigate inflation
  • Uncover the burning questions and priorities that CMOs will need to address during a recession
  • Take a deep dive into predictive brand insights about the imminent ‘winners and losers’ of inflation

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  • Guest speaker
    Sthanunathan Srinivasan Former EVP of Insights @ Unilever & The Coca-Cola Company

    Stan is an experienced leader in consumer insights and market research. As former EVP of Insights at Unilever & Coca-Cola, Stan has implemented multiple transformational growth strategies rooted in tech-driven insights.

  • Guest speaker
    Peter Aschmoneit CEO & Co-Founder @ quantilope

    Dr. Peter is the Co-Founder & CEO of quantilope. He previously spent many years as a CMO and marketing director at international brands on behalf of well-known companies like Unilever, Danone, and Fuchs.


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